The launch of Bing Ads in Australia now gives you an easier, simpler way to connect to the highly engaged, high-quality online audience through Bing and its partner network.

Search engine marketing (SEM) with Bing Ads should play a key role in every advertising campaign strategy.

With Bing Ads you’ll be able to reach more customers - reaching up to 5.6 million unique searchers in Australia who represent 112.5 million monthly searches.* Putting your ads in front of them can help you get more clicks and more sales.

With Bing Ads, you will also be able to control your costs.You won’t be charged when your ads are shown.
Rather, you’ll pay only when your ad is clicked on, up to the budget amount you set.

How does SEM with Bing Ads work?
With Bing Ads, your ads may appear in numerous locations, for example, next to search results when people search using your keywords.

So that you get the most from your campaign and your time, Bing Ads offers resources that help boost ad performance and reduce the time you spend managing your SEM campaigns. Using our tools, you’ll be able to find out which ads are working best and how to optimise your campaigns.

How do I get started?
If you’re already using Google AdWords, broaden your reach with Bing Ads – our tools will allow you to import your existing SEM campaigns with just a few clicks. Or, create a brand new campaign with our helpful tutorials.

To find out more about how Bing Ads has already delivered success, read a case study here.

To learn more about how Mi9 can help your business meet its unique advertising needs, contact us today.

*Microsoft Bing Search Customised Report, February 2013

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