With premium display properties and a range of audience, targeting and performance offerings, Mi9 has long offered solutions that can help advertisers meet performance and brand marketing goals. Now we're offering the Microsoft Advertising Exchange: the exchange of choice for advertisers looking to find the audiences they want using Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Not all inventory is created equal

Billions of ad impressions are bid on in real-time by online marketers every month. The auction is known as a second price auction and works a lot like an auction on eBay. The winning bidder will always pay $0.01 more per thousand impressions than the second highest bid. For example: if your bid is the highest bid at $10 CPM and the next highest bid is $4.50 CPM, you would pay $4.51 CPM.

Not all inventory is created equal. Many exchanges talk about the huge volumes traded daily. But volume doesn't necessarily equate to quality, as most of the time they don't offer the brand safety that advertisers need. Microsoft Advertising Exchange boasts true premium inventory across the ninemsn portal, Skype and more. In fact, 100% of unsold premium ninemsn inventory goes into the Microsoft Advertising Exchange. Helping you get better returns on your advertising investment.

Microsoft Advertising Exchange offers:

  • A true automated RTB marketplace that drives buying efficiencies and allows frequency management across various inventory sources.
  • Waste reduction, as you bid on each impression based on your specific campaign goals.
  • A large volume of quality supply through Mi9's owned and operated unreserved inventory.

Microsoft Advertising Exchange puts you in control

Microsoft Advertising Exchange is designed to help you meet your campaign goals, while giving you more flexibility and control over your ad spend. Microsoft Advertising Exchange lets you:
  • Engage specific premium audiences based on your proprietary data or third-party data and insights to meet your campaign objectives.
  • Choose your partners - we're integrated with all major demand side platforms (DSPs).
  • Buy audiences across both PC and mobile display inventory.
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