At Mi9, we turn data and insights into actionable intelligence for our clients. We have an unparalleled breadth of high-quality, rich data sources, and best-in-market products – all at unmatchable scale. In a world where the future of data is merging online data with the offline world, Mi9 has the scale to deliver that with an ever-growing 14.2 million active ID base. Through Microsoft, we also have the best technology and expertise to combine that data in meaningful ways.

Our strategy is to use this data effectively to help advertisers provide insight for more effective planning, efficiently target the exact right audience, create relevance through context and measure and prove impact.

We have two product suites to deliver this - Mi9 IQ and Mi9 FOCUS.

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Mi9 Data Solutions
Mi9 IQMi9 IQ
Mi9 IQ uses proprietary insights and analytics tools and industry standard performance studies to help clients create the most intelligent campaigns possible. All Mi9 IQ products are designed to provide insights and measure impact.
Mi9 Focus is a suite of targeting capabilities that allow brands to focus in on their exact target audience, at relevant times, at scale. Depending on your needs, we have a suite of products that use different data signals to target as niche or as widely as you need. All Mi9 Focus products are designed to efficiently target and create relevance.

Watch how Mi9 can turn data and insights into actionable intelligence for your clients.

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