In partnership with Microsoft, Mi9 data brings together the richest data asset in Australia.

Vast breadth of consumer touchpoints
We collect over 6 million behavioural markers every minute from over 300 consumer touchpoints across the internet, enabling us to stitch together more accurate user journeys across our properties.

Huge Australian scale of humanised data
In partnership with Microsoft, our 15.3 million user IDs enable us to stitch behavioural markers and devices to real people, enabling us to build more human-focused products that account for different types of device usage.

Premium quality data sets
Mi9 data is harnessed from household-name consumer products and premium content used by millions of Australians every day, creating the best quality data in market.

Expertise and innovation
A long-standing history of partnerships with Microsoft, Experian, Roy Morgan and AppNexus ensure that our technology stack, data security, verification, talent and expertise is second to none.

The Four Pillars of Mi9 Data are: Breadth, Scale, Quality and Security. Find out more about these pillars here.

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Mi9 Data Enables

1. Precision audience targeting at scale: Mi9 and Microsoft have recently upgraded our suite of 200+ targeting segments. Our partnerships with Experian and Roy Morgan ensure that the best offline profiles in market are added individually to our registered IDs to provide advertisers with more ways of reaching the perfect audience.


2. True Cross Device Targeting: We attach the devices used across our network to the people using them - so that our advertisers can achieve a single user view across all devices - desktop, mobile, tablet and XBOX.


3. Audience Analytics: Mi9 Audience Analytics provide a single consumer view of your website audience - every site visit mapped back to our IDs allows you to understand who they are, and how to find lookalikes.


4. Customer Database Targeting: Customer database matching against the largest scale of users in Australia (15.3 million) allows advertisers to find their customers across the entire breadth of our digital assets - starting intelligent dialogue, rewarding customers for their loyalty, designing upsell and cross-sell strategies, and finding new 'lookalike' customers.