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Multimoment Advertising

Today, multi-screening has become a way of life. With fragmented audiences engaging with different devices at different times and having shorter attention spans than ever before, how can marketers continue to deliver brand messages to consumers in an engaging and unobtrusive way?

In this research and insights study, Microsoft and Mi9 explore Multimoment Advertising – how brands can connect with people in the moments that matter the most, on the device that is most appropriate for that specific message, by synchronising the experience across devices.

Digital Divas

Microsoft recently surveyed over 9,000 women across 9 countries and uncovered a key group of highly-influential, tech-savvy women – the Digital Divas.

Digital Divas are the most digitally confident, hyper-connected, socially influential women in the online universe. They are early adopters - in the know and cutting edge; they’re first to adopt a new gadget and they’re most likely to use their gadgets to connect and share content with their networks - which are twice the size of the average online women’s network.

The Modern Grocery Buyer

Mi9's new research study, The Modern Grocery Buyer, examines the mindset and behaviours of the modern Grocery Buyer, their path to purchase and the future of grocery buying in Australia. For the last decade, the landscape of grocery buying in Australia and across the world has remained largely unchanged. We've now reached a turning point and smart brands who are willing to take action will provide more rewarding and enriching experiences, while future-proofing their marketing strategies for both the short and long-term.

Exploring digital ROI for FMCG brands

There are two long-standing demands of digital marketing – to prove the online channel can build brands and to prove it can drive offline sales. Looking at FMCG brands and using Econometric Modelling, Microsoft explores the effect of adding digital to the media mix to drive offline sales.

The study revealed that adding online has a positive impact on the campaign ROI, regardless of what media is used, and it is the second most efficient medium for driving short-medium term sales in the FMCG sector.

Consumer Decision Making Journey: Retail

Mi9's new Retail Consumer Decision Making Journey research, a global Microsoft study, examines the mindsets, influencers and emotional needs of consumers as they make retail-buying decisions. These insights make it easier for advertisers to find new ways to engage, support and reward consumers to provide seamless and personalised retail experiences to consumers on and offline.

Connected Experiences

Mi9’s new Connected Experiences research, a global Microsoft study, identifies four new multi-screen pathways and the underlying consumer needs that drive each one. These insights will help marketers gain an edge in understanding cross-screen engagement for planning and executing multi-channel campaigns.

Introducing the Australian Baby Boomer

To understand what motivates, drives and resonates with this segment, Mi9 recently conducted independent research among Australian Baby Boomers, exploring areas such as how they are adapting to changes in technology and what they are looking forward to as they enter the next phase of their lives.

This study revealed five key insights into their digital behaviours, lifestyle, attitudes and mindsets. These insights each have a direct impact on how advertisers approach one of Australia’s most lucrative demographics.

Premium ad formats more effective than standard ad formats

A recent Microsoft study showed premium formats are more effective than standard ad formats – in some cases more than twice as effective. The survey of 1,800 people measured brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intent of IAB Rising Star formats compared to standard ad units. Read about how you can improve results for your campaign by utilising premium ad formats.

The Aussie Mum
To understand how Aussie Mums feel about their lives and how they are engaging with content and brands, we conducted independent research among Australian Mums, to find out what they are most interested in, and their attitudes about family and parenting. The study provides a deep understanding of how their life has changed since becoming a mum, how they have managed this change and the role media plays in their lives.
Meet the screens whitepaper
Microsoft and BBDO conducted a Global study across five countries to understand: how do people around the world engage with, socialize around and add value to their lives with different screens? As marketers, should the content we create be tailored to the screen on which it will appear? Download this whitepaper to learn about the consumer's relationship with each screen (TV, PC, Tablet, and mobile).
Meet the Australian pre-family man
In partnership with MEC, Mi9 recently completed an in-depth research study on the attitudes and behaviours of the pre-family man - males aged 21 to 39 years old, unmarried without children.

To understand what drives this segment and what role media and technology plays in his life, Mi9 surveyed over 500 pre-family men in Australia, asking a range of questions from their current and future priorities through to what media they use, when and why. The overall aim was to understand current media trends as well as identify how best to reach and engage this valuable consumer.