Creative showcase
Kellogg’s partners with Nine in LCMs ‘Joy TV’ native campaign

On 17 May 2015, Kellogg’s partnered with 9Pickle to launch their LCMs campaign – in the form of a native content destination, Joy TV! For the first time, Kellogg’s chose an all-digital model, teaming up with Mi9 in a bespoke content partnership.

Designed to bring a little joy into parents’ everyday lives and launch LCMs new brand purpose ‘One of life’s little joys’, Joy TV showcases the wonderful way children perceive the world. It includes two bespoke native video content series created by Mi9 and 9mm, viral videos and blogger article content. It also includes a native article series that lives more broadly across the nine network.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

The task: to build awareness and drive registrations to the Ultimate BMW Driving Experience, alongside the launch of the BMW 2 Series Coupe.

The solution: Mi9 developed an interactive idea that would allow the target audience to experience the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience through a virtual version of the Phillip Island race track online – building excitement for the real event and allowing attendees to practice their laps before the day. Teamed with lifestyle content designed to appeal to the target audience, the website provided a rich and engaging experience for current and potential BMW drivers.

View the website here.

Energy Australia partners with The Block

In 2013 Energy Australia integrated their brand into The Block Sky High to make it the most energy efficient series yet. The idea to create the first 8-Star energy rated building was woven into the storyline from the first episode to the grand finale and was amplified through a seamless multi-media campaign.

The engagement created by the campaign resulted in a 40% increase in registrations to Energy Australia’s eWise Portal, with all client objectives exceeded.

Ambi Pur enters the Big Brother house

In a cluttered and declining market, Ambi Pur needed do something different to gain consumer attention and win market share. In 2013 they joined forces with Big Brother for the most watched series ever on Australian television, weaving their branding into the house and storyline, and amplifying this through a fully integrated media campaign.

A turn around quarter for Ambi Pur saw sales grow faster than the category, with September 2013 recording the highest market share for the brand since 2010.

The marriage of Coles and One Direction

In an industry where only 10% of shoppers are loyal to one supermarket brand, Coles partnered with popular boy band One Direction to produce one of Australia’s most seamlessly integrated content and advertising campaigns. Through extensive exposure, Coles won the love of consumers with 1.5 million visitors to their website during the campaign period, and an average sales uplift of 19% for the brands associated.

tigerair sees high quality, cost efficient traffic from Bing Ads

Bing’s mission was to deliver higher click volume and bookings for tigerair whilst maintaining a respectable CPA when compared to the other major search publishers in Australia.

After 6 weeks, Bing delivered a 30% increase in click volume, a 6% stronger CTR and most notably an 18% increase in bookings across the tigerair account.

Nissan partners with Bing Ads
Columbus tasked Bing with delivering greater return on investment for Nissan’s Search Engine Marketing activity when compared to the other major search publisher in Australia. In August 2013, they were quick to take advantage of Bing Ads’ entrance to the market by partnering for launch. This resulted in Nissan being one of the first automotive brands in Australia to go into the auction - with exceptional results.
Coles and ninemsn Food
Coles came to Mi9 wanting new ways to reach the highly sought after target audience of Grocery Buyers aged 25-54. Together with Coles, we created a mouth-watering online food destination, offering Australians the richest and most engaging online food experience – ninemsn Food. Find out how Coles truly integrated their brand message in contextually relevant environments with engaging content as a way of reaching their consumers.
One of the world’s leading ice-cream brands wanted to create mass awareness and impact by getting members of their target audience to play their newly created interactive game. By running high-impact, rich media creative on Skype, they were able to increase brand awareness, brand favourability and intent to purchase. Learn how.
Wreck-It Ralph
In 2012, Disney wanted to introduce one of their latest films - Wreck-it Ralph - a movie with exceptional talent set in an immersive video game world. To truly connect with their core target audience - young male gamers - a custom Xbox LIVE destination was created, allowing their audience to engage with the film and its characters in a fun and exciting way. The Xbox LIVE destination delivered significant lifts across all brand success measures, driving purchase intent and transaction through the Xbox platform.
Suzuki and The Block
Suzuki has been a major partner of Channel 9’s ‘The Block’, for years, achieving sponsorship success with advertising ideas that go above and beyond the traditional TVC – including integrating their product in-show in a natural and authentic way. In 2013, Suzuki and The Block teamed up to create an original experience that would drive deeper engagement with consumers. The Art Car execution was born - a contestant challenge which leveraged the show's online platforms.

Audi wanted to effectively launch their latest car model - Audi Q3, in the Australian market, ensuring distinct differentiation from their competitors.
Overall the campaign delivered strong results with the Mi9’s new rich media unit – the PushUP, proving to be the most successful in increasing brand awareness and communication of the campaign message.

Entertainment Bubble

This intelligent ad format uses the power of video, combined with a unique page positioning and distinctive shape, to grab the user’s attention. Designed to build brand engagement and give advertisers a canvas to amplify their brand, the bubble is driving strong dwell and engagement rates, mainly due to its imaginative look and feel, providing an eye-catching new canvas to generate great results for brands.

Worth The Drive

Renault partnered with Mi9 and Gourmet Traveller, to create an entertaining branded content experience. This allowed them to immerse their brand within a sleek video series with product placement called ‘Worth The Drive’.


Commonwealth Bank were looking for an effective way to generate leads for its financial planning services by increasing consideration and driving activity on their website. Working with Ikon and Mi9, an online advertising solution that would reach and engage their audience was implemented. The campaign built consideration of financial planning services with pre roll video proving to be the most impactful overall.

This high-visibility ad unit maximizes the creative space while letting the user be in control. A scrolling slider bar reveals a full panel experience, giving advertisers the opportunity for story telling.
Client: Samsung
Solution: Display Advertising
To support the product launch of the Galaxy SII Smartphone to the Australian market, Samsung worked with ninemsn to develop an online advertising campaign that would increase brand awareness and grow penetration among Australian mobile phone user. Overall the campaign delivered strong uplifts in brand awareness, message association and purchase intent.
Danone chose online advertising to launch Activia yoghurt in the Australian market place. An online branded content destination was implemented to build awareness and educate the audience on the new product and its benefits. The campaign was highly effective at increasing brand awareness and communicating the key brand messages.
The Cube
Client: Sony Pictures
Category: Film
Solution: The Cube

ninemsn recently launched our first 3D Cube ad unit for Sony Pictures movie, Just Go With It, on Network Home. The execution was a ninemsn and market first, showcasing what is possible in rich media creative.

Rebel Sport
Client: Rebel Sport
Category: Retail
Solution: Mobile

Rebel Sport wanted to stand out to consumers amongst other sport stores. ninemsn created a concept whereby Rebel Sport was associated with Wide World of Sports and in particlaur ninemsn's new NRL App running on iPhone and WP7.

The app generated over 38,000 downloads and experienced over 100,000 videos played.
ninemsn Centrefold

The Centrefold.
This new retail opportunity offers an interactive experience for users who can ‘peel back’ pages of a high-impact and engaging catalogue. The Centrefold expands from a homepage medium rectangle placement, to a full double page spread allowing up to 12 ‘pages’ of creative content in the one rich media execution.

ninemsn Home Fireplace

The new masthead, ‘The Fireplace’.
This new attention grabbing ‘Fireplace’ sits high on the page and opens over the homepage in tandem with the side panels, offering advertiser's immediate visibility.

IAB Filmstrip

This innovative ad unit allows advertisers to showcase their campaign in a powerful new canvas that combines five ads in one 300px by 600px unit, using a technique that has never been made available to Australian advertisers before.

The Glider
Client: Avatar
Category: Film
Solution: The Glider

Content immersive homepage takeover. Innovative combination of rich media animation, skin graphics and streaming video content. Over the page call to action puts the user in charge, click to activate the full experience. Site Snap technology takes a screenshot of the network homepage every 20 minutes and feeds into the glider to ensure the content is always up to date.

The FIX Best Bits Series
Client: KFC
Category: Quick Service Restaurant
Solution: Branded Video Entertainment Series

The FIX Best Bit Series wraps up all the best bit of entertainment, from Best TV Moments, to Best Vampire Movies, hosted by our very own Kylie Speer. The show is wrapped in KFC Krushers creative, Pre-Rolls prior to the video and product integration throughout.

Client: Avatar
Category: Film
Solution: Multi Screen Campaign

Twentieth Century Fox International wanted to emulate the non traditional approach of Avatar with an innovative approach to the digital advertising of the film. It was also essential not to limit exposure to the traditional film going public by purely using the online medium. Twentieth Century Fox partnered with Microsoft Advertising to launch the largest ever multi screen campaign across PC, Mobile and Television, that would reach large and diverse UK audiences, and engage the viewers where they lived, worked and played. 75% those who saw the campaign across all three screen said they definitely wanted to see the film.

Interactive OTP
Client: Buick
Category: Automotive
Solution: Interactive OTP

Use of transparency and site snap technology allows the Buick to interact with up-to-date homepage content, clever use of the assets on page.

American Express
Client: American Express
Category: Financial Services

In 2009 American Express, one of the world's largest financial services organisations initiated their 'Realise the Potential' brand campaign. The objective was a repositioning of American Express as a lifestyle service, rather than simply a transactional device. Successful to date, the campaign continued throughout 2010, with ninemsn tasked with supporting the campaign through a unique travel concept, allowing users to directly interact with the brand through a series of vertical searches, whilst reinforcing brand associations of travel experiences and quality.

Client: BMW
Category: Automotive
Solution: Mobile

BMW needed to grow their prospect database, as well as increasing test drive numbers. The BMW mobile site was created to maximise brand interaction and interest, resulting in a higher proportion of users signing up for test drives, as well as supplying their details for further information. The site ran for 12 months and introduced various models from the BMW range through a phased approach. The first iteration coincided with the lead up to the launch of BMW new X1 model in April 2010 and was accessed via banners placed throughout the ninemsn network. Each previous version of the site was accessible through a menu option on the new main homepage

TOMS Shoes
Client: TOMS Shoes
Category: Retail
Solution: Multi Screen Campaign

TOMS shoes donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell in store. Their main brand awareness tool is the One Day Without Shoes event. To drive registrations for ODWS, TOMS Shoes partnered with Microsoft Advertising. TOMS knew that reaching its target audience, young adults, 18-34, was no easy task, especially when those consumers are splitting their time across numerous websites, as well as electronic devices, such as their PCs, TVs, and mobile phones. A multi screen campaign addressed this need, and humorous, yet poignant creative executions; urged people to imagine how different their lives would be without shoes. Due to Microsoft’s huge audience, TOMS were able to reach over 55% of all online US residents aged 18-34.