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What's next for ninemsn in 2012 - Part 2

What's next for ninemsn in 2012 - Part 2

Read part 1 here.

In part one, we started to look at what 2012 looks like for ninemsn and our advertisers. We looked at trends including Context is King, New Horizons for TV, Virtual Togetherness and Regulators Narrow Their Focus as Consumers Pay the Price. Part two will look at a Seamless, Multiscreen World, Connect the Dots, Share Wars, and Real Time Bidding and Automation.

A Seamless, Multiscreen World
It’s no longer a nice to have, but a need to have. Brands need to truly connect with a consumer in a relevant and consistent manner no matter where they are engaging. For advertisers, this is about removing ‘the device’ as a barrier between content and consumer. More than ever before, the content will take centre stage versus the device or channel. I think people flippantly throw out this concept of a multi-screen strategy. It is real challenge to orchestrate a truly seamless experience, as consumers have high-expectations of varying experiences on different devices. Only brands at the very front of the curve will be ready tell their story in this seamless fashion.

Last year, Microsoft in partnership with BBDO conducted a global study to understand how consumers relate to each digital screen, how to optimize screen specific messaging, and how to best orchestrate a campaign to drive results. You can see a few results from that research in our Meet the Screens whitepaper.

Our focus:

Connect the dots
As industry guru Peter Horan told us, “Counting clicks for branding is flawed. Marketers know TV works even though viewers can’t click on a commercial.” Beyond the click, the revolution in data will continue. Marketers can now look more closely at consumer behaviour to get more mileage out of campaigns. The social graph is generating more meaningful data for brand measurement. As technology gives us a clearer view of reader engagement and retention, we see that all content is not created equal, and that despite the recent increase in content volume, quality is what drives results.

Our focus:

  • Working with marketers to realize CPC and CPA are not the best metrics to measure all results – depending on their objectives.
  • Working with marketers more closely on their data strategies via our newly created data team.

Share wars
Social networks have established themselves as an integral part of today’s online experience. Online traffic will be increasingly content-driven, not brand-driven. Providing easy “shareablility” will become a basic pre-requisite for any successful online outlet. The ability to measure shareability will establish itself as a useful way to determine levels of influence and to better understand how information travels.

While Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are not merging anytime soon, sharing seamlessly is starting and will establish itself sooner rather than later.

Our focus: Studying these trends and continuing to lead the way in social media optimization. You can follow some of our strategies and findings at share-wars.com.

Real Time Bidding & Automation
If 2011 was the year that real-time bidding emerged, 2012 will be the year when the impact is felt across the industry. Media buyers will invest heavily in their demand-side platforms and become accustomed to responding to real-time analytics. Market researchers and creative agencies will need to rise to the challenge laid down by real-time purchasing that can provide real-time ad evaluation and real-time creative recalibration. There will be an increased demand for immediate actionable insight as the time b3etween campaign measurement and response is reduced.

Our focus:

In November, we launched the first premium, open exchange in Australia – the Microsoft Advertising exchange. Unlike Google’s platform (the only other exchange in Australia), this allows:

  • Advertisers to bid in real-time for inventory in brand safe, high quality environments.
  • Any other premium publisher to put their inventory into the exchange.

More detail on our exchange can be found here.

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used to say, “a lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Brands can’t afford to wait until tomorrow’s trends blossom. They need to be ready now. Are you?


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