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Delivering what’s next in digital

Delivering what’s next in digital

I believe that we are on the cusp of the next phase of digital advertising in Australia, a phase where digital can really start to deliver on the promise of marketing. We are reaching new levels of understanding about the audience and this is changing the way that we market like never before.

What if we could make sure that each advertising message reached only the audience it was designed for? That your price campaign only reached those customers that are genuinely price sensitive. Or your retention campaign reached only your at risk segments? Suddenly, marketing becomes a very, very intelligent game. It is no longer a game of chance or wasted ad dollars.

At our annual Digital Marketing Summit, held on 9th November, we made a number of significant announcements. To kick off, we hit the go button on a dramatic increase in our targeting capabilities. We’ve leapt from offering 40 behavioural targeting segments, to now offering 16,000 different audience segments. This number will rocket to well over 100,000 segments from mid-2012.

It is about reaching your unique audience, your most valuable customers and truly understanding enough about them to know what they are looking for and how they are likely to respond. We want to work together with a brand to tell its story, to its target audience, in a way that's impactful, compelling and cost effective.

Our second big bet has been to launch the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, which is now open for business in Australia. It is a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace that allows advertisers to bid on premium online inventory. Advertisers can look at each impression in the light of their existing knowledge about it and make an informed decision about whether they want to buy that impression, and how much they are prepared to pay for it.

This is not just a new product. This is a new way to market. It enables advertisers to define both the type of individual they want to reach and how much they’re willing to pay for individual ad impressions. It is a huge change in the way marketers use their insights to reach their customers, and we think it will really shake up the online advertising industry.

You need only look at the results in the US to see just how rapidly Real Time Bidding is taking off. In March 2010 3% of traded inventory in the US was transacted via a real time exchange. Today, only 18 months later and since the launch of the Microsoft Exchange, 64% of traded US online inventory is RTB.

Finally, we announced that from early 2012, we will be changing our Corporate and Trade name to Mi9. Bringing together the power of Microsoft and Nine, with the ‘I’ representing our new brand position of Imagination and Intelligence.

Why are we doing this?
ninemsn has grown up and has developed into something much larger than just the portal.

ninemsn continues to be the home of Australians online with over 11 million active users. That is not changing. But this business we call “ninemsn” has become a much broader, dynamic set of digital properties.

We are a company with over 80 sites, Hotmail, Messenger, Bing in search, group buying leader Cudo, and we have a portfolio of investments in Internet companies like RateCity and iSelect.

Today, we operate a leading third-party advertising network Microsoft Media Network (MMN), have announced the launch of Australia’s first premium exchange and from 2012 will bring to Australia new advertising opportunities across two of the most iconic internet brands, in Skype and Xbox.

We have evolved beyond a premium publisher, into an end-to-end advertising platform that can meet marketeer’s requirements right across the purchase funnel. So we need a trade brand that reflects the bigger story that we are now ready to tell. That brand is Mi9.

This is an exciting time for us, the business is buzzing, and we’ve taken a giant leap forward to what we believe is the next stage in our future.

If you have any question or queries about our announcements, please email advertising@ninemsn.com.au

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