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New Home Page goes into testing

New Home Page goes into testing

ninemsn's homepage is the place many people in our audience start their time on the web; it's as familiar as their TV remote.

When our users log on throughout the day, they know they'll get a snapshot of what's important and interesting. They know how to search using Bing and how to get to Hotmail. They know how it works and many have told us they like how it works.

So why spend more than a year redesigning the homepage? Why fix what isn't broken?

In 2007, Australians were still watching Big Brother and beating England in cricket. John Howard was prime minister and Angelina Jolie only had three kids. On the media front, MySpace ruled social media, Facebook had only just opened to the public and the iPhone didn't exist. But the landscape has changed. Our audiences and our advertisers have adapted and ninemsn has shifted with them. Our new homepage is the next step in this user-powered evolution.

The research stage of the project included a quantitative analysis of use patterns on the current page. We also met face to face with hundreds of ninemsn and non-ninemsn users to help us understand their needs and desires for the homepage and greater web. As this phase progressed, we detected some recurring ideas that we grouped under three overarching themes:

i. Time

ii. Relevance and personalisation

iii. The pulse of Australia

Time is an interesting concept to work with on a homepage redesign. There's a huge turnover of content on the homepage, but that content flow isn't always discernable due the static nature of the layout. We wanted to improve the sense of freshness on the page while also providing new ways for users to navigate to important stories they may have missed. The carousel of previous stories under the main news picture and the Editor's Picks module help address this problem.

ninemsn has always prided itself on being relevant to the majority of Australians - but how do you balance that with relevance to the individual? Our solution has been to enable the user to tailor parts of the homepage to their tastes or needs.

The pulse of Australia concept is all about the crowd. Because ninemsn's audience is a fair representation of the Australian demographic mix, they can have confidence in the reflection when we hold up the mirror. If a politician wants a crash course in the way mainstream Australia feels about the big issues, they should check out our vote archive.

Visually, the most obvious changes are the new logo, the colour scheme and a general feeling of space and clarity. ninemsn's new-look masthead combines our parent companies' logos: Nine Entertainment Co's blue and MSN's font and butterfly. We've changed the background colour from blue to light grey. We've cleared the clutter around the Bing search bar. The navigation has been reduced from 13 items to 10 with our partner services such as Seek, Match and Domain aggregated under a Classifieds tab.

Our audience has always loved the vote, which, with several hundred thousand votes per day, is an excellent snapshot of the pulse of Australia. But to date, the only interaction option has been to vote "yes" or "no". Now, when users engage with the vote, they'll be able to access more information about the topic through related links and Bing search.

We know our audience is obsessed by television so there's a new TV area on the right with our popular guide, news from TV Week and TVFIX, plus catch-up shows from FIXPlay and the Nine Network.

Our Editor's Picks section will showcase the best feature stories from across ninemsn's 85-site network. This section will display four different daily editions with time-relevant content.

The Now on ninemsn area below the Editor's Picks is a real time feed of stories from across our network as they are published. Users can choose which sites they want to include in the feed. It's a personalisation play and, while we know most people don't personalise web pages, we think users will enjoy this feature, not least because it will reveal content not traditionally programmed on the homepage. We'll be tracking its progress so watch this space for an update on adoption and use patterns.

On the client front, there are additional ad spots and new rich-media placements and packages that will drive cut-through for our advertisers. Our sales team is particularly excited about a package that teams up a new placement across the top of the page, called the masthead, with skins to create an incredible branding opportunity, named the fireplace.

A research program spanning several years during which we’ve monitored audience analytics and met face-to-face with hundreds of people who use the site informed many of the changes we’re implementing. Other modifications, such as the Now on ninemsn feed, will give the audience things they didn't specifically say they wanted but will hopefully embrace in time.

We're taking some educated chances elsewhere too. A percentage of our audience goes to Facebook and their banks after visiting ninemsn. By adding these links to our shortcuts bar, we're making it easier for our users to step away from ninemsn. But hopefully the added convenience will help us build long-term loyalty.

User insights have also informed our decision not to change certain things. Our audience needs to stay up to date with latest news, so that remains front and centre on the homepage. They like having the weather in the top right corner, so we've kept it there. Hotmail is an important part of their daily use so that also stays put.

And the evolution will continue as the new page has been built to allow us to constantly test new experiences with small user samples before rolling them out to the full audience.

Excitingly, from an editorial point of view, we're introducing technology to publish alternative content presentations to different samples of users so the audience will also help shape the content.

In addition, our developers have completely rewritten the page's code to ensure it loads instantaneously. What won't be changing is our commitment to delivering the best news, entertainment and lifestyle stories to the almost 10 million Australians who visit ninemsn each month.

As with any redesign of a much-loved product, change takes a while to get used to. It can be inconvenient for our audience. We don't take this lightly, which is why we are testing the new page with a small sample of our audience before rolling out to 100 percent of users. We will look at what our audience has to say about the changes, analyse the feedback, clarify it with users directly as needed, and feed what we've learned into future iterations.

Check out the new page at beta.ninemsn.com.au and view our interactive guide as well.

We hope you like it.

User comments
After using Ninemsn as my home page for years and living with it's vagaries. The lack of any response from admins has finally pushed me to another site. Fix the My Shortcuts issues or you will lose more!
OK!!! I will live with the new scrambled layout(I realize you won't fix it) but please please how do we edit My Shortcuts and make them open in a new 'active' tab. And please can we lose some of the US 'celebrity' trash!!
I do not like the new page at all. For goodness sake, please replace it.
One could easily be forgiven for mistaking the new ninemsn homepage for an uncooked omelette. splashes of colour with no resemblance of any form nor function to be seen. i even checked the date to ensure it wast April 1. Someone has been given the task of designing this website and perhaps mashed vegetables were the inspiration.or perhaps they have that incredibly talented elephant who can paint pictures with its trunk as the new head behind this travesty of the mind. change it back Ninemsn or just change it
Seriously did you even look at the page before you put it up or is it like the majority of news stories that seem to go up without proof reading or even a spell check? The homepage is just too busy, I won't waste my time here anymore I'm sure there are better news portals out there.
I don't like the new ninemsn layout at all - it is too crowded, messy and difficult to find anything. Please put back the previous layout - it was much more user friendly.
you lot haveing a slow day why is it my fault you had to change the home page ,the wife asked me to change it back to the ole one me being the one who can do any thing with a computer had to say i cant. now that look came out, you know the one that has a dictionary amount of words and the huff that says you have not heard the last of this so to save face i have used a clone that looks nearly the same so i showed her and got a hum so that will do for now but please give me back my .... and put it back
I think the old site was more user friendly e.g. currency exchange, survey, bring back the old site
There is nothing imaginative or intelligent about this new website. It is absolute garbage. Can't find anything on the page, the weather's not at the top. All my shortcuts have been deleted and no provision to reinstate them. The shortcuts offered are irrelevant. GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT. I'll be changing my homepage to something more relevant and appropriate for me. You're a pack of muppets - ever heard the saying IF IT AINT BROKEN DON'T FIX IT. Apologise to everyone inconvienced and don't muck around with it again.
No do not like it, old one more friendly and easier to use.

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