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4 data tools to improve your advertising

Using data to create a continuous insight loop

Data provides marketers with the ability to do so much more than we’ve been able to do in the past. By analysing and interpreting data we learn more about audiences and are able to validate our advertising decisions. We can amplify our audience’s receptiveness to messages through relevance and context. We can prove what of our marketing works, while also learning how to improve it. It provides a continuous insight loop, allowing us to make more informed decisions faster and each campaign more effective.

With recent product launches and partnerships, we have made that continuous insight loop a reality for Mi9 advertisers. I am proud to highlight four important steps in delivering this.

  1. Mi9 is the first Australian publisher to partner with one of the most reputable marketing and analytics providers globally - Experian Marketing Services. This large scale data collaboration combines Mi9’s online data (14.2 million active Australian Microsoft IDs) with Experian’s offline consumer marketing database of over 14 million individuals and 7 million households.

    Through this partnership, we will build Australia’s most comprehensive inventory of audience data. This allows us to use Experian’s large sets of offline intelligence to effectively target consumers online.

    Experian’s award winning geo-demographic classification tool, Mosaic, classifies the population into groups or segments, according to their demographic and lifestyle traits right down to individual households. This can give marketers the insights needed to anticipate the behaviour, attitudes and preferences of their most profitable customers.

  2. Targeting can now be taken to a new level through Bing Custom which allows us to target users 2 minutes after they search for relevant keywords. Using the bank example again, a user could be targeted 2 minutes after searching for a bank’s site or after completing a search for customised key words such as credit card comparison, best interest rates or reward points, anywhere across the Mi9 network.

  3. Another exciting addition in allowing more contextual relevance for our advertisers is ‘Virtual Channels’. Mi9’s Virtual Channels gives advertisers the power to place ads alongside specific editorial content across our network.

    This new technology goes beyond standard keyword targeting technology and looks at the whole context and sentiment of every article to match highly relevant ads to page content in real time. This is achieved by scanning every article, gallery and blog post across Mi9’s 300,000+ pages to create bespoke relevant URL clusters or ‘channels’ for ads to appear in.

    The first major advertiser to take advantage of the new technology and secure its own Virtual Channel on the Mi9 network was Reckitt Benckiser, who bought out the virtual ‘housework and cleaning channel’ on ninemsn for their cleaning product Vanish.

    Reckitt Benckiser worked with Mi9 to create a bespoke channel that saw them target ads against all household cleaning, stains and clothing content, and recipes with ingredients which can result in hard-to remove stains. By targeting consumers based on the context of an article, the Vanish advertising message reached browsers reading relevant content, no matter what page on the network they were viewing – rather than buying specific ‘lifestyle’ site sections or environments. We have found that this can be up to 80% more effective than non-relevant content.

  4. Lastly, we have an exciting new way to help measure the effectiveness of your marketing.
    Mi9 Engagement Impact is an online brand engagement solution for display campaigns. Matching against ad campaign data, we use our panel of Australians to correlate downstream brand keyword search and site visitation. We know all their clickstream data. This is then used to measure campaign lift of control versus exposed audience groups.

We will continue to invest and create products that provide insight, efficiently target the right audience, create relevance and measure impact - to then repeat the cycle again. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more with you on our ambition to turn data and insights into continuous actionable intelligence for our clients.

Contact your Mi9 Sales Representative for more information on how you can turn data and insights into actionable intelligence using Mi9.


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