ninemsn enhances online women’s network with niche beauty brands

Thursday, March 1, 2012

ninemsn today announced a new deal that will see it partner with Independent Digital Media to bring their three niche women’s sites - PRIMPED, The Knot and Younger You.

The addition of these quality independent brands complements the scale of ninemsn’s existing aggregated women’s offering at Your Beauty Spot.

ninemsn will commercially represent the three sites and bring them under the Lifestyle category to further build their audience numbers, while the editorial content will continue to be developed by the IDM team.

“We know our beauty audience is highly engaged, we already have over 250,000 passionate followers of Your Beauty Spot alone,” said Alex Parsons, Managing Director of Audience at ninemsn.

“The IDM sites are also popular ‘go-to’ destinations for women in the know who are seeking the latest make-up trends good, tips on staying youthful and advice on creating the perfect wedding day look.”

“For our advertisers, this means access to a well-rounded highly engaged online beauty community. This niche offering will join our other staple women’s brands to create an even stronger portfolio,” says Alex.

“ninemsn is committed to creating beauty network in which each site promotes the other in a chain of discovery, building a network of online influencers and an informed online community. The addition of these niche sites to our Women’s Network is part of this strategy.”

According to Marina Go, Publisher of IDM the partnership offers advertisers the best of both worlds, differentiation and reach.

“For some time now our advertising partners have been telling me that they wished our beautifully branded, highly-targeted influencer sites had a bit more traffic because then they’d tick all boxes. The partnering of IDM and ninemsn should be a dream come true for them,” says Marina.

PRIMPED is the go-to destination for young women hungry for the next snippet of beauty news, new products and how-to videos. Younger You is a trusted source of quality anti-ageing information and The Knot is Australia’s premiere wedding destination where brides spend months planning everything she needs for her big day.

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