MovieFIX buzzing with Oscars anticipation

Friday, February 24, 2012

Aussies are eagerly anticipating this year’s Oscar nominees according to MovieBUZZ, the dynamic feature of ninemsn’s MovieFIX site that ranks in real-time the most anticipated movie releases, as voted by MovieFIX’s million + monthly visitors.

According to MovieBUZZ, the most hotly anticipated flicks nominated for Best Film in this year’s Academy Awards were Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and War Horse, with 91% of voters saying they wanted to see them. The full rankings were as follows:

  1. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: 91% want to see
  2. War Horse: 91% want to see
  3. Hugo (in 2D and 3D): 90% want to see
  4. The Artist: 89% want to see
  5. The Descendants: 88% want to see
  6. Moneyball: 87% want to see
  7. Midnight in Paris: 83% want to see

(NB – The Help and The Tree of Life were released before MovieBuzz launched so could not be ranked, however consumer reviews rated The Help an average of 4.5 stars and The Tree of Life an average of only 1.5 stars. Ouch!)

ninemsn’s MovieFIX site has experienced a huge increase in consumer engagement and social sharing since it refreshed in November 2011, shifting its focus to recognise movie-going as a supremely social experience with the addition of a number of social features.

The new features have seen social referrals to MovieFIX (the number of users entering the site through Facebook) more than triple in the three months since launch (from 9,292 in November 2011 to 32,473 in January 2012).

Ben Watts, Head of Entertainment at ninemsn, attributes this largely to the site's new functionalities: “Our audience has embraced the social nature of MovieFIX, using it to invite friends to movies, post movie info/session times/trailers on their Facebook page; and share editorial content.”

Watts says that MovieBuzz has played a central role in growing audience engagement and social referrals, which has in turn resulted in increased video streams.

“It’s been exciting to watch the power of consumer influence. As more people vote on trailers and have their results displayed in MovieBuzz, more people watch the movie trailers they're voting on. MovieFIX video streams have increased by 65 percent, jumping from 377,483 in October to an all-time record of 579,838 in January.”

MovieFIX social features include:

  • MovieBUZZ - Users view movie trailers and pledge their intent to see – or not see – the film, by clicking a button at the bottom of the video player. The results are then aggregated in the MovieBUZZ chart displayed prominently on the homepage.
  • MovieFIX users logged into Facebook will see a personalised overlay of Facebook friends who want to see a particular movie when they view the MovieBUZZ chart.
  • Users can connect with their existing Facebook friends and view which movies they would like to see, or are currently reviewing, and even invite them along to the next session via Facebook.
  • Articles and trailers can be shared on Facebook or Twitter with the click of a button

“We were already Australia’s most popular independent movie listings destination, but by overlaying the movie content consumers were already enjoying with social intelligence, we’ve added more value for visitors about what movies are ‘buzzing’ and what their friends are reviewing or planning to see. This in turn provides a more engaged audience for advertisers.”

To see what's buzzing or vote for your Oscars favourites, visit

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