Online Australians get front row seat for lunar eclipse

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tomorrow night, ninemsn will bring the night sky to the screens of millions, in an exclusive live stream of the lunar eclipse from right inside the Sydney Observatory’s telescope.

The Australian East Coast is one of the best places on earth to see this remarkable event, however for those unable to view it with the naked eye, the live stream will broadcast this astronomical occurrence to anyone, online.

“It’s a long, gradual, yet spectacular event. People will see the shadow of the earth moving across the moon, and for 52 minutes witness the usually milky white moon turn a blood-red rusty colour,” says Sydney Observatory’s Geoffrey Wyatt.

“The last lunar eclipse took place in May, but Australia’s position left local skygazers largely disappointed. This time around, we’re guaranteeing anyone online a front row seat to view the event, live and uninterrupted,” says ninemsn’s Head of News Hal Crawford.

Aside from the spectacular view, the eclipse will also give astronomers a rare window with which to gather data on distant planets potentially capable of supporting life.

The ninemsn live stream of the lunar eclipse begins at 11:45pm on Saturday 10 December 2011 and concludes at 03:00 on Sunday 11 December.

Visit to view the live stream.

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