MovieFIX 2.0 is creating a BUZZ

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ninemsn has today unveiled its new, completely remodeled MovieFIX site. Already Australia’s most popular independent movie listings destination, the refreshed MovieFIX is now geared to focus on moviegoing as a supremely social experience.

“We did extensive qualitative research for this relaunch, to really get inside the head of the average Australian moviegoer, and what we found was a little surprising.

“While trailers, advertising and reviews all influence the movies we choose, who we are going to the movie with and whether our friends and peers like or loath a movie are the key influencers,” said Ben Watts Head of Entertainment at ninemsn.

This focus on social influence inspired the creation of MovieBUZZ, a dynamic new feature which ranks in real-time the most anticipated movie releases, as voted by MovieFIX’s million + monthly visitors.

An interactive trailer player on the MovieFIX homepage allows users to view movie trailers and pledge their intent to see – or not see – the film, by clicking a button at the bottom of the video player.

The results of these consumer votes are then aggregated in the MovieBUZZ chart displayed prominently on the homepage.

In what is believed to be an Australian first, MovieBUZZ will also give the MovieFIX user a personalised overlay of Facebook friends who want to see a particular movie.

To help movie-goers plan their next social experience at the cinemas, the new Moviefix website will allow users to connect with their existing Facebook friends and view which movies they would like to see, or are currently reviewing, and even invite them along to the next session.

“The social functionality we have incorporated into “MovieFIX 2.0” acknowledges consumers are increasingly turning to their friends and online communities for movie recommendations. Our new site now overlays all the movie content that consumers are already enjoying with social intelligence about what movies are ‘buzzing’ and what their friends are reviewing or planning to see,” says Watts.

With a quirky and useful twist on traditional movie genre classification, the new MovieFIX has introduced Movie Mapping which will see each movie tagged by easy-to-understand genres defined by audience behaviour, such as; “Date night”, “Chick Flick”, “Oscar Bait”, “Kids Only” “Tear Jerker” etc.

Along with the relaunch, ninemsn has introduced a new package for advertisers looking to reach the highly engaged MovieFIX audience. The “Movie of the Week” package gives advertisers a fireplace unit on the homepage and cinema pages, as well as an integrated trailer.

Vodafone will be the launch partner for the first month, launching their new “Play More” campaign which asks users to describe, in three words, what ‘play more’ means to them.

In addition to the exciting new features, MovieFIX will continue to feature deeper content pages for each movie along with the latest and most popular slideshows, celebrity interviews, celebrity events and ‘best of’ lists that have made the site so popular.

Visit to experience ninemsn’s exciting new movie destination.

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