Monday, June 14, 2010
A Current Affair audience given a "live voice" during broadcast – program to be streamed live each weeknight for the first time

Sydney, Australia, Monday 14th June 2010: ninemsn, in collaboration with Channel Nine, today launched its live, UGC-integrated A Current Affair (ACA) website.

The site is an unprecedented mix of live TV and real-time commentary from ACA's 1.4 million-strong audience. And as part of a drive from Channel Nine and ninemsn to evolve television content into the online environment, the ACA site will also stream the nightly broadcast live online.

Offering a live link between the show, the reporters and viewers, the site includes a number of interactive features such as a Twitter-style, user-generated message board allowing the audience to post comments, searchable by topic and username.

People can also interact with the ACA site via Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live, whilst an animated Eye on Australia map has been developed to showcase this commentary instantaneously across Australia from state to state.

Hal Crawford, ninemsn's Executive Producer, News, Current Affairs and Finance, said: "The ACA site sets a new standard for current affairs television and online integration by allowing live interaction with the broadcast and providing a voice for the audience which can then be used as immediate content.

"Many of ACA's stories see the audience "fired up" and in some instances, seeking more information on a particular matter. The new site provides an environment for healthy debate, interaction with the show's reporters and other audience members as well as providing additional information on stories," Crawford said.

The new A Current Affair website goes live today. People unable to watch A Current Affair on Channel Nine can stream the program live and for free at 6.30pm (AEST) each weeknight by visiting