Monday, July 19, 2010
Sydney, Australia, Monday 19th July 2010: ninemsn has revealed the types of news articles Australians are most attracted to, with the strange stories, sensational surgery and sex scandals proving to be the most popular.

10.3 million Australians visiting ninemsn and six months of data from January 2010 to June 2010 showed that Australians clicked on more stories about celebrity or the weird and wonderful from around the world than news of our first female prime minister, widespread devastation in Haiti, the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico or the volcanic ash cloud that grounded the world’s aviation industry.

Hal Crawford, ninemsn Head of News, commented on the findings:
"An analysis of the first half of the year was incredibly telling of the sorts of information Aussies seek out online. We made comparisons between our hard hitting news stories and the quirkier articles, and although the hard hitting news was still immensely popular, it was the odd or simply strange that consistently won out."

Some of the top traffic-spiking stories from ninemsn from January to June are:

Woman Aims to Become World’s Fattest – 970,107 Page views
In mid March, the story of 273kg Donna Simpson from New Jersey on her personal mission to reach 500kg (making her the world's fattest), attracted close to 1m page views; more than triple the traffic that viewed a story about a 1200kg man-eating shark discovered off the Eastern coast.

"I'd love to be 1000lb ... it might be hard though, running after my daughter keeps my weight down," said Donna.

On the same day the powerful cyclone Tomas hit northern Fiji, damaging crops and forcing 5,000 people into evacuation centres.

Karvan Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Logies – 471,970 Page views
A little too much of Claudia appeared at the Logies this year, with an unscheduled boob outing in front of the nation’s media…including ninemsn. Karvan’s slip up (or out) attracted more than double that of a story detailing ABC’s Andy Muirhead, host of Collectors, who was charged with a child pornography offence.

Monster Dragged From Lake In Canada – 407,615 Page views
Sam, a dog from Canada, made a surprising discovery while wandering the shores of a lake in Canada; a washed up creature with matted fur, a long rat like tail and a white feline face. Photographs were taken attracting over 400,000 ninemsn readers, but the creature soon vanished, unlike the widely reported gallons of oil being washed up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mum of Four has N-Cup Breasts Removed – 329,252 Page Views
On May 4 329,000 people viewed a story about a Peruvian mother-of-four who elected to undergo surgery to reduce her mobility-inhibiting size N breasts. Coming close behind this with 325,000 views was one of the first stories that Julia Gillard might become the Australian Prime Minister.

The Top 20 Viewed Stories on ninemsn From January to June 2010 were:

1. Woman aims to become world’s fattest - 970,107 views

2. Karvan has wardrobe malfunction at Logies - 471,970 views

3. Man questioned over Williams death - 464,353 views

4. Monster dragged from lake in Canada - 407,615 views

5. Crash kills pregnant bride on way to wedding - 383,980 views

6. BBC presenter died in solo sex game - 370,436 views

7. Man charged over death of Indian Boy - 369,372 views

8. Bingle to sue Fevola over nude snap - 361,223 views

9. Plumbers called after Bingle’s diamond flushed - 343.312 views

10. Mum of four has N-cup breasts removed - 329,252 views

11. Julia Gillard to become Prime Minister - 325,572 views

12. US actor beheads neighbour, kills friend - 324,000 views

13. Nando’s stripper mum is most hated - 318,281 views

14. Woman pleads guilty to sex with son, 9 - 318,000 views

15. Perez Hilton posts another Miley crotch photo - 313,882 views

16. Brittany Murphy’s husband found dead - 309,000 views

17. Hollingsworth had sex with thousands - 307,449 views

18. Gale not smiling over Lee’s hockey accident - 301,824 views

19. Clarke and Bingle’s relationship over - 296,931 views

20. Claire Werbeloff goes nude for Ralph - 296,421 views

Ninemsn is Australia's largest online publisher with an average audience of 10.3m people visiting each month*.


*Source; Nielsen NetView Home/Work Panel March '10