Wednesday, July 21, 2010
ninemsn launches its election site with Twitter integration and news polls.

Sydney, Australia, Wednesday 21st July 2010: Ninemsn has launched its Election 2010 website with extensive news and analysis, Twitter integration, blogs and regular polls to gauge the nation's opinions in the lead up to Election Day.

As part of the Election 2010 site, ninemsn has launched 'Tweet Race', an integrated Twitter feed from Australia's top ten politicians which allows Australians to vote on which tweet they prefer.

Head of News Hal Crawford commented on the new site: "There has already been extensive discussion around how this election will be heavily influenced by the internet and social networking. Through Tweet Race, our Twitter integration, we can really see which tweets are resonating well with Australians, what issues are hitting a nerve and which politicians are making the most of social media and speaking to the nation."

ninemsn will feature analysis and video from Nine News as well as a daily blog from Channel Nine reporter Ben Fordham, The Fordham Report. The blog will provide a candid view of what is going on in Canberra, where Fordham is currently based.

Sydney taxi driver Adrian Neylan will also be blogging regularly. Adrian's blog will provide insights into the voting public as the cabbie interviews his passengers to get alternate opinions on the election from people on the street.

ninemsn will also incorporate regular news polls asking Australians to vote on different policies and issues that each party raises, enabling people to participate in the dialogue surrounding the election over the next six weeks.

"Our news polls often attract over 100,000 votes and with ninemsn's audience reaching the vast majority of online Australians, ninemsn is in a great position to understand the issues dividing the nation. We also want to provide people with the enough information and different perspectives to help Australians make an informed decision come August 21st."

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