Windows Live introduces 'push' email service for Hotmail - Exchange ActiveSync

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010, Sydney, Australia: Windows Live has announced that a 'push' email service for Hotmail, Exchange ActiveSync is now available in Australia. This means that email, calendar and contact changes, deletions or additions will be pushed automatically to the email application on smart phones and other devices and will update simultaneously in Hotmail on the web.

As part of the ongoing Windows Live updates for consumers, Australians can now activate Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) through their smart phones to ensure the email, calendar and address book contacts are in sync with the same information online.

Alex Parsons, Director of Marketing and MSN Products at ninemsn said, "The Exchange Active Sync makes managing all your 'stuff', not just email, significantly more efficient and productive on the go. When you look at your phone, you'll know it's up to date and completely consistent with what you would see on your PC. This is all part of our ongoing effort to make Windows Live Hotmail a seamless experience for the user."

Exchange ActiveSync is supported by over 300 million mobile devices worldwide including Windows, Nokia and Palm smartphones as well as the iPhone and iPad. For more information on how to set up this feature go to