Microsoft Office Web Apps launch in Hotmail

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files direct within Hotmail for free with or without Microsoft Office installed - all you need is an Internet connection!

Sydney, Australia. 19th October 2010: If you are one of the 7.5 million Australians using Windows Live Hotmail each month, you will now be able to create, edit and share office documents within your Hotmail inbox.

Today's launch of Microsoft Office Web Apps gives all Hotmail users, working from a PC or a Mac, the ability to work collaboratively and often remotely on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, irrespective of whether Microsoft Office is installed on their home computer.

Alex Parsons, Director of Marketing and MSN Products at ninemsn said the new apps were designed to streamline work flows and save time by making it possible for everyone to use and share Microsoft Office documents.

"Around the world 350 million Microsoft Office documents are shared on Hotmail each month. Until today if you didn't have Microsoft Office installed – as is the case in some internet cafes or secondary PCs in homes – users could not access, edit or update Office documents," he said.

"Web Apps brings the best of Office functionality to your Hotmail, simply through an internet connection and a Windows Live login. It leverages the 25GB of storage available in Skydrive for documents and files."

Microsoft Office Web Apps support Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote:

Word Web App The Microsoft Word Web App contains familiar functionality including AutoCorrect, spellchecking during typing, font & paragraph formatting and the 'insert' picture, table and Clip Art menu.

Excel Web App Budget management, timelines and routines can be simply monitored and modified from within Hotmail, with all the hallmark functionality of Excel available in the Web App including IntelliSense.

Powerpoint Web App Running and editing a slideshow on the go is now possible alongside creating diagrams and charts and bulleted lists. What’s more, a slideshow can be shared with anyone online without them needing to sign in.

OneNote Web App Provides a convenient online place to store ideas and information, while simultaneously tracking and staying on top of sets of changes from a number of different people.

The launch of Microsoft Web Apps is the latest innovation in a range of time saving and streamlining changes announced by Hotmail recently including:

  • Social email highlights: Hotmail identifies and categorises emails from social networks making it easier to sort through emails.

  • One-click filters: Filters the inbox to only show messages from specific contacts or companies.

  • Sweep functionality: A virtual broom allowing users to easily remove or file emails from a specific sender directly into folders. Auto-sweep archives any future emails from the sender so they don’t appear as clutter in the inbox.

  • Optional conversation view: Hotmail gives users the option to view messages by threaded conversation or to view an entire conversation series in one go.

More information on Microsoft Office Web Apps is available at