ninemsn launches award-winning IAB Filmstrip ad unit

Monday, July 18, 2011
Sydney, Australia, July 18th, 2011: ninemsn, Australia's largest online publisher, has today announced the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Rising Stars award-winning ad unit, the IAB Filmstrip, will be made available to advertisers on the ninemsn homepage and across the ninemsn network for the first time in Australia.

This innovative ad unit allows advertisers to showcase their campaign in a powerful new canvas that combines five ads in one 300px by 600px unit, using a technique that has never been made available to Australian advertisers before. Brands submit one 300px by 3000px Filmstrip with five different segments and ninemsn then serves the Filmstrip via one 300px by 600px unit. Users can explore all segments simply by scrolling, hovering or clicking on the creative.

"The IAB Filmstrip offers Australian advertisers an exciting new way to bring a story to life in the digital world," ninemsn commercial director Dean Capobianco said.

"What this means is this ad format is relevant to both the consumer and the brand. Consumers get a content-rich interactive experience that doesn't interrupt their viewing. Brands get a powerful new canvas that combines five ads in one 300px by 600px unit.

"This is a great example of how ninemsn is partnering with the IAB to make it easier for brand advertisers to launch digital campaigns at scale.

In February, the IAB recognised the Filmstrip as a winner in the Rising Stars competition for new ad formats. Ideas were judged on storytelling potential, user experience, functionality page integration, and ease of adoption.

The IAB Filmstrip has had great success since its launch in the US in May, with advertisers such as Dodge using the format for their campaigns.

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