Ad Specs
Video Extender
We have recently updated our SSL requirements. Please refer to the notice on our Ad Specs index page.

The video extender ad unit is a 300x250 video player ad unit that extends upon user interaction and allows the user to stretch the video to a larger size.

Accepted 3rd Parties
Required Elements
Expanding Panel
980x550(16:9) or less, see below
Accepted Format
swf and jpg/gif
Image File Size
SWF File Size
Rich Flash File Size
Initial Video/Sound asset File Size
Extended Video/Sound asset File Size
Flash frame rate
Network Site Widths
Middle Content Area
970 Pixels WIDE SITE
AWW, Channel Nine, Health, Dolly, Grazia, Womans Day, WWOS, YourBeautySpot, The FIX, CelebrityFIX, ShopTilYouDrop, MusicFIX
980 Pixels WIDE SITE
Gourmet Traveller
Important InformationWe have recently updated our SSL requirements. Please refer to the notice on our Ad Specs index page.

Functionalitya. Build: The click to expand 300x250 must be built to the technical specifications of the 3rd party (list of supported vendors in table above). Please contact the vendor for more detail on these specifications.
b. Sound:All audio should be off by default, but can turned on with click initiation or expansion.
c. Video: Additional video/sound content can be downloaded on click initiation (see above for file size limits). Please include a clear call to action indicating that the user will be 'downloading a larger file'.
d. Close Button: A close button must be present in the expanded panel in the top right hand corner. It must display the word Close and an X symbol that has been designed to stand out from the ad and page background (min 40px by 10px)
e. Expansion Size: The final expansion width will depend on the site width - see table below to confirm width specs. It is also recommended that the width is reduced for any videos with an aspect ratio less than 16:9, this will avoid stretching of video content (out of aspect ratio) and ensure a better user experience.
Design and Performancea.Content To protect our brand please ensure that the ad does not try to launch parts of the ad in a new browser window(pop up/pop under) or shake the browser window.
b. Transparency Should only be used outside the bounds of the video player and should not block interaction with any site elements beneath it.
c.Performance Please try to minimise the CPU load of any Ad Units submitted. Any ads that cause excessive CPU load and damages user experience once tested on the page will not be accepted.

Note: All ad executions are subject to approval and Nine Digital reserves the right to request changes to content and/or execution for brand equity/user experience reasons. If you are unsure about a concept that you are working on please submit it to your sales rep for feedback.
ResourcesEmail MediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) for specs and video extender templates