Ad Specs
Sites Full Page OTP
We have recently updated our SSL requirements. Please refer to the notice on our Ad Specs index page.

The Full page OTP is a floating ad unit that displays automatically once the page content has fully downloaded (politely loading). The OTP portion of the ad will automatically display for 10 seconds before resolving.

Accepted 3rd Parties Atlas, Doubleclick-Motif, Mediamind, Facilitate and Eyewonder
Required Elements
970 x 1100 or 990 x 1100
(Please see design and performance for more info)
Accepted Format
Image File Size
SWF File Size
Rich Flash File Size
Video/Sound asset File Size
Extended Video/Sound asset File Size
10mb (see below)
10 secs
Frame Rate
21 fps
Frequency Cap
2 per life time
Flash Version
Up to Version 10
Flash Script Version
Up to Flash Action Script 3
Important InformationWe have recently updated our SSL requirements. Please refer to the notice on our Ad Specs index page.

  • a. Please ensure the commercial break header is embedded in your creative to cover the top navigation while the OTP displays (template below)
  • b. We recommend that creative concepts/storyboards are submitted 2 weeks before the campaign to ensure that the concept complies with the Ninemsn brand/design specifications.
  • c. The OTP duration must not exceed 10 seconds.
  • Functionality
  • a. Build: The full page OTP must be built to the technical specifications of the 3rd party vendor (list of supported vendors in table above). Please contact the vendor for more details on these specifications.
  • b. Sound: All audio should be off by default, but can be used for the duration of the OTP provided it is user initiated and has a visible mute/unmute button. OTP Replays can start with sound on.
  • c. Video: Additional video/sound content can be downloaded on click initiation, 10mb limit excluding initial 1mb video/audio asset. Please include a clear call to action indicating that the user will be 'downloading a larger file'.
  • d. Close Button: A close button must be present and working on the top right hand corner of the OTP. The close button should:
    • Stand out from both the ad unit and page background.
    • Should be no smaller than 50 x 20 pixels.
    • Must display the word "Close" and X symbol.

    Design and Performancea. Dimensions: The Fullpage Site OTP must be built either as a 970 x 1100 or 990 x 1100 ad unit, depending on which site the ad unit is scheduled to appear. Please confirm with your Sales rep which OTP dimension is applicable for you campaign.
    b. Content: To protect our brand equity please ensure:
    • All images and content of the Ad Unit are appropriate to the general audience nature of the page.
    • The OTP does not imitate any elements of the page, any content used in the ad must be live content.
    • The ad unit does not alter the ninemsn brand, or alters the site page layout, navigation, design or content (including rearranging, destroying, pulling down or ripping apart).
    • The ad does not try to launch an ad in a new browser window(pop up/pop under) or shake the browser window.
    c. Transparency: A maximum of 70% opacity is allowed in the OTP area. Permission for full transparency can be obtained on a case by case basis. Please contact your sales rep with any mockups/storyboards.
    d. Performance: Please try to minimise the CPU load of any Ad Units submitted and bear in mind that there will be other flash elements on the page slowing down the user's machine. Any ads that cause excessive CPU load and damages user experience once tested on the page will not be accepted.

    Note: Ninemsn will not accept any campaign elements that extend across or around the page on a transparent background (e.g. animated elements or characters floating above or interacting with the ninemsn brand, navigation, layout or content)
    Frequency Cappinga. The OTP must have a frequency cap of 2 per per campaign lifetime.

    Note: All frequency cappping must be implemented by the 3rd party vendor
    Timelines & Deliverya. All material must be delivered at least five (5) working days prior to campaign launch to ensure technical compatibility and internal concept approval.

    Note: If creative is late an estimated % of impressions equivalent to the prorated daily inventory level will be cancelled from the total impressions booked.
    ResourcesAtlas Resource Centre
    Sizmek AU Site
    Doubleclick Studio Manager
  • Download Commercial Break Header for MediaMind(10 secs)
  • Download Commercial Break Header for Doubleclick(10 secs)
  • Download Commercial Break Header for Atlas (10 secs)