Ad Specs
Side Panels
Side panels are two branded flash pieces positioned parallel to the sides of the page. They are combined with a 300x250 Med Rec and allow an extension of the advertisers branding on the page. The user can click on side panels to launch the advertisers site.
Required Elements
2x Floating Panels
125x 900 (each panel)
Required Formats
gif/jpg only
Asset File Size
40kb (each panel)
No animation allowed
3rd Party Tracking
A single 3rd party tracking URL is supported for impressions and clicks
Accepted 3rd Parties Doubleclick and Sizmek
Required Elements
2x Floating Panels (setup as a 1x1)
125 x 900 (each panel)
Required Formats
SWF File Size
40kb (each panel)
Rich Flash File Size
Subtle animation is allowed, but it can only play once - no looping. Flashing, blinking or excessive animations will not be approved
Frame Rate
Important Informationa. The side panels can be Ninemsn served or 3rd Party Ad Served.
b. If 3rd party ad-served the sidepanels must be built to the technical specifications of the 3rd party (list of supported vendors in table above). Please contact the vendor for more detail on these specifications.
c. All concepts/storyboards must be submitted 10 working days before the campaign to ensure that the concept complies with the Ninemsn brand/design specifications.
Functionalitya. Build:
  • If Ninemsn served, please provide raw gif/jpeg files. No animated gifs allowed
  • If 3rd party ad-served the side panels must be built to the technical specifications of the 3rd party (list of supported vendors in table above). They should be built to launch from a 1x1 ad call (both the left and right panels expand simultaneously from this) or can expand from an MREC on the page. Please contact the vendor for more detail on these specifications.
b. Animation:(3rd party served only) Animation in the side panels is allowed, but can only play once with no looping(limited to 5 secs). Flashing, blinking or excessive animations will not be approved. If animation is activated by hovering then it needs to end when the mouse is moved off the animation/ad
Design and Performance
  • a. Content: To protect our brand equity please ensure:
    • All images and content of the Ad Unit are appropriate to the general audience nature of the page.
    • The ad unit does not alter the ninemsn brand, or alters the site page layout, navigation, design or content (including rearranging, destroying, pulling down or ripping apart).
    • The ad does not try to launch an ad in a new browser window(pop up/pop under) or shake the browser window.
  • b. Design: The design follows complies with the following:
    • The sidepanels should have a solid background colour and fade to transparent at the bottom and sides. All transparent areas should not be clickable
    • Advertiser logos must be positioned beneath the site logo (approximately 200 pixels from the top of the panels). A maximum logo size of 130px x 40px will be permitted
    • No text or images to be placed within 95px from the top of the panel
    • Maximum one product graphic and one price point and/or product message is permitted per panel. Additional price points and promo text to be housed within the 300x250
    • For Network Home Side Panels please note that content from the MREC should not bleed/flow directly into the sidepanel as they will not sit flush on this page, there is a 25px white margin between the MREC and right sidepanel
    • The side panels should have a single background colour or single photographic image and we request low intensity / muted colour for maximum engagement
    c. Performance: Please try to minimise the CPU load of any Ad Units submitted and bear in mind that there will be other flash elements on the page slowing down the user's machine. Any ads that cause excessive CPU load and damages user experience once tested on the page will not be accepted.

    Note: All ad executions are subject to approval and ninemsn reserves the right to request changes to content and/or execution for brand equity/user experience reasons. If you are unsure about a concept that you are working on please submit it to your sales rep for feedback.

    Timelines and Deliverya. All Ninemsn served creative should be delivered to Ninemsn as raw image assets(in zip file preferred). Impression and click tracking URLs should be supplied in a separate text file
    b. All 3rd party creative should be delivered to Ninemsn via 3rd party ad serving tags.
    c. All material must be delivered at least five (5) working days prior to campaign launch to ensure technical compatibility and internal concept approval

    Note: If creative is late an estimated % of impressions equivalent to the prorated daily inventory level will be cancelled from the total impressions booked.
  • Please use the Photoshop template for layout visual
  • Atlas Resource Centre
  • Email MediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) for specs
  • Doubleclick Studio Manager