Ad Specs
Network Wallpaper
The wallpaper is an image file that replaces the Ninemsn background on the page and allows advertisers to brand the Ninemsn page with their messaging. The network wallpaper can be setup to be either clickable or non-clickable.
Required Elements Wallpaper image file
Dimensions 1900x1000
Required Formats jpg
File Size <200kb
3rd Party Tracking A single tracker is supported for both impressions and clicks
Other If clickable, please provide a URL for the clickthrough destination
Important Informationa. The wallpaper must be Ninemsn served and image asset should be provided to Ninemsn
b. The background colour may be set to either black or white and will be visible when users have a high monitor resolution
c. Please ensure that the middle content area remains per the downloadable templates as either:
  • Generic Sites: Blank with a white background (use the generic template)
  • Specific sites: As per the background provided in the photoshop template (PSD above)
  • d. It is recommended that all key messaging appears in first 150px outside the website content area. This is to ensure high visibility to users across multiple screen resolutions.
    e. All concepts/storyboards must be submitted 10 working days before the campaign to ensure that the concept complies with the Ninemsn brand/design specifications.
    Design and PerformanceContent To protect our brand please ensure:
    • All images and content are appropriate to the general audience nature of the homepage.
    • The wallpaper should have a single background colour or single photographic image. We request low intensity or muted colour for maximum engagement.
    • Advertiser logos must be below the masthead (site branding). Any other graphical element must be below the ninemsn logo and only one product shot in each side panel
    • All price points and promo text should be housed in 300x250

    Note: All ad executions are subject to approval and ninemsn reserves the right to request changes to content and/or execution for brand equity/user experience reasons. If you are unsure about a concept that you are working on please submit it to your sales rep for feedback.
    Timelines & Deliverya. All material must be delivered at least five (5) working days prior to campaign launch to ensure technical compatibility and internal concept approval
    b. We also recommend that all concepts/storyboards are submitted 3-4 wks before the campaign to ensure that the concept complies with the Ninemsn brand/design specifications

    Note: If creative is late an estimated % of impressions equivalent to the prorated daily inventory level will be cancelled from the total impressions booked.