Ad Specs
Network Home Retail Ad Unit
The network home retail ad unit is a click to expand ad unit that sits in the shopping module on the Ninemsn homepage. On expansion it reveals a retail focused catalogue ad unit that can display multiple products in a large expanded content area.
Important Informationa. All material must be submitted to Ninemsn 3 weeks prior to the campaign live date
Functionalitya. Expansion - The ad should be built as Click to Expand only and must retract on click of the close button
b. Close Button - A close button must be present in the expanded panel in the top right hand corner. It must display the word Close and an X symbol that has been designed to stand out from the ad and page background (min 40px by 10px)
Timelines & Deliverya. Please provide Ninemsn with the following assets:
- Approved graphics (PNG format)
- Click-thru URLs (XLS or XLSX spreadsheet)
- Product titles (XLS or XLSX spreadsheet)
- Product descriptions (XLS or XLSX spreadsheet)
- Pricing for each product (XLS or XLSX spreadsheet)
- Logo(s) in AI or PSD format
- Send to friend email copy
- Font(s)

Please provide Ninemsn any additional details relevant to the creative, such as:
- Style guide
- General guidelines on ad requirements
- Creative brief from agency

b. All material must be delivered at least 15 working days prior to campaign launch to ensure technical compatibility and ad development.

Note: If creative is late an estimated % of impressions equivalent to the prorated daily inventory level will be cancelled from the total impressions booked.